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 About Sunny 

 A Note from Sunny


I have eight years of experience specializing in Trauma and including relational trauma.


I am bilingual in English and Japanese, and bridging Western psychology and ancient Eastern wisdoms to bring insights and awareness to deepen the relationships you care the most.


I am open to work with clients with any cultural background, and to support your relationships to more joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful.


I personalize my approach to you  - taking into consideration your specific needs and goals and your given situation and challenges in your relationships.


We can also accomplish your goals by identifying patterns, emotional triggers, communication and attachment styles, cultural and generational differences, and etc.


By understanding the gap of the expectations and roles, you can become more aware of the blind spots which might have been contributing the frustrations and disconnections in your relationships.


I am keen on exploring your strengths in all aspects of your life and empower you to feel more resilient in achieving your goals.  Depending on your needs and goals, we can build your confidence by developing practical tools such as emotional resiliency, communications, parenting, or management skills.


I work with individuals and couples - working professionals, parents, students, and adults who have diverse cultural backgrounds.  


Let's allow to put yourself on the top priority, and begin the work together to see the new possibilities!  







About Sunny Chung MCP, MBA, RCC, CCC, CCTP, CPF


Sunny is a Registered Clinical Counsesllor and a PsychotherapistCertified Macrobiotic Diet Instructor, and a Certified Adlerian Parenting Educator.  


She has a B.A in Psychology, MCP in Clinical Counselling, and MBA in Human Resources.

She offers private and group clinical counseling, and her effective counselling methods, her high intuitions, and insights have been inspiring and changing the life of thousands of diverse clients.

She is also an approved provider for counselling services with the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP). 


She has extensive management experience in the HR and Training fields, and served at US and BC's top 50 organizations, and helped executives to improve communications skills, performance, and productivities.

Sunny is a public speaker, and has been offering various self-help seminars including communication skills, self-help, sustainable energy management programs such as the macrobiotic diet and yin and yang balance energy exercises. 


She also writes monthly articles about wellness and psychology in Oops! Magazines, Vancouver Shinpo, and Life Vancouver.




In Japan, there is a word called "Kotodama or Kototama (言霊)." Koto 言 means "word," and tama   means "spirit." (or  "soul" which refers to the mystical powers that dwell in words, and it could be interpreted as "force" or "intent" in North America.


If we pay attention carefully to the words that we use every day, we'll soon understand what the mind intends to accomplish. When you listen to your body in a mindful and quiet way, you'll notice whether or not your intent is aligned with your true desire.


In other words, spirit lives in your body, and thoughts live in your brain.  Often times, struggles are the result of these inner polarities.


When mind, body, and spirit are connected to the present moment, answers that you may be looking for for a long time would come to you effortlessly, and can see the hole new possibilities that you never dreamed of!

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