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Specialized in


Trauma, Depression, 

& Relational Injuries


Your Safe Place to Heal, Grow & Transform




What types of fear do you want to conquer?

"Why do I feel anxious to meet new people?" - I want to meet more people, but I feel nervous and discouraged. - How can I express myself with confidence? - Self-esteem & Belonging -


"Why do I feel always scared and want to hide?" Getting your power back - Recovering from PTSD -

"I feel stuck with my work- I know I deserve more than this. How do I unblock my limitations?" - Exploring your true potentials. - My dream and Ambitions -

"Where am I? Who am I? Where am I going?" Merging all cultures & experiences in you, and creating a new relationship with yourself - Life Transitions -

"Why do we fight all the time?" - Miscommunication and/or Language Barriers in Marriage -

"I love you, but..." - I am so tired of filling my roles and cultural expectations for my family, but I feel guilty to live my life... - Family Obligations -

"My doctor said there is nothing wrong with me, but I feel tired all the time" - I think my stress from the cultural negative reinforcement from my family is affecting my health... - Mind, Body, & Soul -

"My way or your way? Who's right??" - Conflicts in Parenting -


Specialized in the Trauma,

Relationships, Anxiety & Depression


  • Cross-cultural Partner

    • Conflicts with the roles and expectations

    • Miscommunication/Langauge barriers

  • Immigrant Families

    • Conflicts of cultural values within a family

    • Generation Gap

  • With yourself

    • Transitions - Personal growth

      • Merging all cultural experiences

      • Finding new self and ways to express yourself in the multi-cultural environments

      • Healing from the past relationships 

      • Finding peace from childhood trauma

      • Finding a way to unblock your limitations

  • Relationships at work

    • Confidence issues

      • Slow career advancement

    • Assertive communications

      • Power struggles

  • In a diverse community

    • Belonging/Networking

​You May be Wondering....

  • It hurts, is this still LOVE? 

  • ​Why do I keep attracting the same type of partners? 

  • My partner thinks it is all my fault when things go wrong. Am I really the bad person? 

  • How can I draw healthy boundaries without hurting others? 

  • I am responsible for everything and everyone for my family. It's not fair for me....

  • My boss/co-workers belittle of me, and I feel humiliated.  How can I stand up for myself?​ 


Is it about me.... or have these feelings were influenced by my upbringing cultures? 

Symptoms that you may develop when your relationship is not working​

  • Lack of Intimacy 

    • Disconnection/dissatisfaction

    • Blaming or being a victim

    • Becoming more critical/controlling

    • Having flash back from the past painful relationships/childhood trauma

    • ​Shutting down, and feeling anxious about expressing feelings/thoughts

  • Emotional Distractions

    • ​Emotionally hijacked

    • Guilt/shame/sad/anger/anxiety

             Hopelessness/confusion/occupied/being alert​                  isolated/numbed/insecure​​/fear 

  • Health Issues ​

    • ​​Fatigue/sleeping problems/stomach issues/aches & pain, and etc.
    • Eating/weight Issues​

    • Poor diet - Always eating "take out" food

  • Issues at work/school

    • Conflicts with co-workers and/or a boss

    • Low productivity - feeling "lazy...."

    • Feeling stuck with a work I don't enjoy

    • ​No energy to spend time with a family

  • Mental Health

    • Anxiety & depression/trauma​

    • Social anxiety

    • Co-dependency

  • Financial Problems

    • ​​Constantly Feeling Anxious About Money



We get cool ingredients from 

all around the world!


We need to be

 adventurous, creative, & cooperative.

We want to be open to the varieties

 of spices rather than limiting to

just tasting 'soy sauce.'


And, we need to adjust the heat

accordingly to the dishes we are making.​

“Other people’s actions are the result of their own pain and not the result of any intention to hurt you.” 

― Thich Nhat Hanh

​Specialized Workshops


     - Relationships/Attachment styles

     - Assertive Communication Skills 

     - Leadership communications skills 

​     - Stress Management

     - The Macrobiotic Diet

​     - Wellness 

​     - Parenting

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