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Tell me what happened to you.  I am here to listen.  

I will listen to you really deeply....

So, tell me.

And we will process your trauma together safely.

"Why do I feel anxious to meet new people?" - I want to meet more people, but I feel nervous and discouraged. - How can I express myself with confidence? - Self-esteem & Belonging -


"Why do I feel always scared and want to hide?" Getting your power back - Recovering from PTSD -

"I feel stuck with my work- I know I deserve more than this. How do I unblock my limitations?" - Exploring your true potentials. - My dream and Ambitions -

"Where am I? Who am I? Where am I going?" Merging all cultures & experiences in you, and creating a new relationship with yourself - Life Transitions -

"Why do we fight all the time?" - Miscommunication and/or Language Barriers in Marriage -

"I love you, but..." - I am so tired of filling my roles and cultural expectations for my family, but I feel guilty to live my life... - Family Obligations -

"My doctor said there is nothing wrong with me, but I feel tired all the time" - I think my stress from the cultural negative reinforcement from my family is affecting my health... - Mind, Body, & Soul -

"My way or your way? Who's right??" - Conflicts in Parenting -

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