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​Your Journey to Clarity and Wellness

Trusted and Proven

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​Insights and Applications!!

​Chung Counselling

Wellness & Relationship Consulting 

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Food for thought 

Struggles are often as a result of not knowing

who you really are. - Sunny

Types of Treatment
  • Interpersonal and Relationship Issues

  • ​Self-esteem

  • Anxiety and Clinical Depression

  • Almost Depressed

  • Personal Growth

  • Overwhelmed/Burnout 

  • Anger / Mood Swing

  • Chronic Illness / Somatic Symptoms

  • Trauma

  • Identity Issues

  • Spiritual Crisis

  • Balancing Energies

  • Communication Issues

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Life Transition​​s 

  • or Simply Looking for Clarity

In Japan, there is a word call "Kotodama or Kototama (言霊)." Koto 言 means "word," and tama   means "spirit." (or  "soul" which refers to the mystical powers that dwell in words, and it could be interpreted as "force" or "intent" in North America.​

​If we pay attention carefully to the words that we use everyday, we'll soon understand what the mind intends to accomplish. When you listen to your body in a mindful and quiet way, you'll notice whether or not your intent is aligned with your true desire.

In other words, spirit lives in your body, and thoughts live in your brain.  Often times, struggles are the result of these inner polarities.


When mind, body, and spirit are connected to the present moment, answers that you may be looking for for a long time would come to you effortlessly, and can see the hole new possibilities that you never dreamed of!

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Example of Your Journey/Treatment Plan


Your journey plan will be customized by your needs/goals and your any given situations/symptoms.


Here is an example of what the plan looks like.


1st Step: How did you arrive where you are today? 

Review your life map, and clarify your destination

We will assess where you are and how you got here, and will then clarify the needs and goals that are most important to you.


2nd Step:  Finding your three authentic gifts


3rd Step: Becoming aware of your life patterns

We will safely and gently probe your subconscious in order to gain insight and understanding into your triggers, fears, and hidden intentions. In this way, we can identify the core blocks that have caused conflict in your life. 


4th Step: Removing blocks

Once the core blocks are identified, it is finally possible to remove them.  


5th Step: Setting the right intentions/goals

By resetting and clarifying your life values and beliefs, we can begin to develop your emotional endurance and intelligence in order to reach the end goal of finding harmony within.  


6th Step: Focusing your goals and achieving results

Next, we'll prioritize your goals, and map specific steps on how to arrive there. We'll work on whatever skills you need in order to reach your goals- everything from assertive communication, leadership skills, and time management to improving compassionate listening abilities in interpersonal relationships.  


Last Step: Living life fearlessly

We will seek to empower you with the courage to live within this newfound belief system, and continue to nurture the connection to your true authentic self. 




Elements of Counselling Approach 


I utilize the wisdom of Eastern spirituality with the science of psychology from the West and customize my approach depending on your specific needs and goals. Elements of my approach are outlined below.


1) Adlerian Psychology 

Adlerian is a holistic psychology, which focuses on the goals and purposes of human behavior.   And one of the most effective techniques that Adlerian uses is Socratic questions. They help you to become aware of your unaware thoughts and blocks; thus, the insights guides you to rediscover your true authenticity. - "expanding your consciousness and self-knowledge"

















Who is Alfred Adler? 

Austrian medical doctor, psychotherapist, and founder of the Adlerian psychology (often referred as Individual Psychology).  Along with Freud and Jung, Adler was among the co-founders of the psychoanalytic movement and a core member of the Viena Psychoanalytic Society.  Adlerian is the father of CBT, self-help, and Narrative therapy.  




2) Practical Tools and Resources

Depending on your needs, I will be helping you to build a healthy lifestyle, and to enhance practical skills including communication, time and stress management, leadership, parenting, etc. - "living life better and smarter"


3) Gestalt Therapy & Art Therapy 


"Making a deeper connection with your unconsciousness"



4) CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy















5) EMDR Therapy








6) Mindfulness and Spirituality

Mindfulness can help you to expand your sustainable energy to get on the right journey. - "slowing down for the right things, and speeding up to for your essential goals"


By strengthening your faith and empowering your authentic self, you will understand that everything has reasons, purposes, and meanings in life. - "reaching to the true understanding "

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